Floor Coverings International – serving the greater Hillsborough, Princeton, and Flemington areas – is your local solution for solid hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood gets its name from the fact that it is constructed from one single piece of timber. This makes solid hardwood very durable and resilient.

Our team of flooring specialists is prepared to help you from start to finish during the selection, design, and installation of your new floors. We have many years and a wide range of experience under our belt, so you can trust us to be professional and knowledgeable about your flooring project.

hillsborough solid hardwood flooring

Advantages & Disadvantages

One of the main advantages of solid hardwood is that it is easy to repair. Because it is made from the same piece of lumber, solid hardwood can be sanded and refinished many times without losing quality. It will also age naturally and beautifully over the years.

On the other hand, solid hardwood is susceptible to expanding and contracting based on humidity and heat conditions. Most installers compensate for this fact by leaving a small bit of space between the solid wood flooring and the wall during installation.

We carry all of the major brands and common species and styles of solid hardwood flooring, such as oak and maple. However, we also have access to more exotic options such as African and South American hardwood species.

hillsborough solid hardwood flooring     hillsborough solid hardwood flooring