Shag Carpet in Franklin Township

If you can’t get enough of soft carpets, you will love the look and feel of shag carpeting. Today’s shag carpets aren’t like the dated polyester concoctions you remember from your grandparents’ living room. Instead, these high pile carpets can be made of plush materials like nylon or triexta, offering a more comfortable and high-quality experience. Shag carpets also exude a sense of comfort that makes everyone feel right at home.

Our Floor Coverings International® Hillsborough experts want to help you find the perfect carpet for your Franklin Township home. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing shag carpet:

The Advantages

  • Great for relaxing: Shag carpets are super-soft and comfortable, making them great places to sit. You also won’t have to worry about young children falling and getting hurt when you have this kind of carpet installed.
  • Perfect in its imperfection: The long piles easily cover up any imperfections that happen during installation, such as uneven seams.
  • Bold design: The chic design of this carpet draws in many property owners. New carpeting materials and bold colors allow innovative and beautiful designs for shag carpets that will impress your guests and make a gorgeous statement in any room.

The Disadvantages

  • Allergens: If this carpet isn’t continually cleaned, it can trap dust and dander. If anyone in your family suffers from indoor allergies, this is not a good carpet to get.
  • Can get crushed: While plush carpets with shorter looped piles can spring back to their original shape, shag carpets can get crushed or matted from too much foot traffic.
  • Not good with liquids: Because its fibers are long, stains from spilled wine or juices can go deep into this carpet, making them tough to remove. You should also be careful to not install this carpet in basements since the shaggy pile will absorb water like a mop.

If you think shag carpeting could be right for your Franklin Township home, give us a call and schedule a free consultation. Floor Coverings International® Hillsborough looks forward to working with you!

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