you guys did a good job
Margaret Turiello
Email me too much and ask for things too much.
Matt Christianson
The quality of the carpet was not as good as I anticipated from the sample. The installation was not good at all. We ordered tiles and some were not glued down completely, seams were visible and there was a spot that was not even in contact with the floor. They had to come back twice to fix these issues.
Pluckemin Presbyterian Church
The job we hired Floor Coverings International for was performed by a separate company, I am assuming a subcontractor. The job was for a wood floor sanding and refinishing. It was disappointing because after the job was completed we realized that the floor was very rough, like sandpaper. It either hadn't been sanded properly or they hadn't cleaned well enough between coats of finish. So we had to have them come back again and correct it, which meant waiting an extra week before moving things back into the rooms, because that was the soonest they were available. The floors are good now, but overall the experience is not one I would highly recommend. Everyone I dealt with at Floor Coverings International was great, responsive and they kept their promises. It is just unfortunate that the job wasn't done well the first time.
Jasmine Surti
You subcontracted the work to people who left my house a mess. They scratched my floors They did not cover anything with plastic They installed the tile on top of the cement in my kitchen. Too many things to complaint about here
Jaime Martinez
Chris NEEDHAM is the best most considerate sales person in the industry! I love my carpet and when his crew did not put my couch together the right way he inmediately had them come out and fix. I highly recommend him and the company!
Ruth Boda
Profesional installation 👍
Jose Villacis
Chris was a good sales person. Installation crew were courteous and cleaned up.
Brian Luscombe/3 Shape Inc.
Great experience. Will definitely recommend and use next time I need any kind of floor covering
Ann Specian
Nancy is fabulous and the staff at Floor Coverings International are all so nice to work with! Specifically, Nancy is reliable, a true partner with a great design sense, and is someone that I truly enjoy working with and trust. I've had three areas carpeted by Floor Coverings International using Nancy and they all look great, the installers were on time, respectful of the house, and took care of everything. I won't use anyone else!
Briegs, Karen and David