Marble Flooring in Hillsborough

What is it?

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock, meaning it’s produced by mineral changes that occur in preexisting rocks introduced to heat and pressure. The process of metamorphism creates the color variation and appearance of veins that marble is famous for, and depending on the type of marble you choose veining can be more or less pronounced. Like other stone flooring options, this type of stone is extracted in large slabs from the belly of rock formations. It’s then cut into more workable pieces, and eventually makes it way to Hillsborough homes and buildings.

Marble Flooring Pros

One of marble’s greatest advantages is its color variability. This type of stone is available in cream, gray, and almost black tones, and no matter what color you choose it will contain contrasting veins that create a unique appearance. Marble offers an elegance that isn’t over the top, and it tends to compliment the design decisions surrounding it. A great alternative to vinyl flooring or hardwood, this material is flashy without being over excessive. It communicates timeliness, but also a level of thoughtfulness, given that it’s a less common flooring option outside of bathrooms or ornate public spaces.

Marble Flooring Cons

Unfortunately, marble is a softer stone and can be damaged if exposed to moisture. If you set a cold drink directly on a marble surface it may leave a ring. Similarly, if you dye your hair in a marble shower the dye could potentially leave a stain. If you do choose this stone a great option is to have it installed in tiles, something Floor Coverings International® Hillsborough offers. This way if an individual tile is damaged by water or happens to get cracked or scratched it can be quickly and affordably replaced.

Here at Floor Coverings International® Hillsborough we’d love to help you find the stone flooring that’s right for your lifestyle and home. Maybe that’s marble, maybe it’s not. Either way we’re happy to assist! Our design professionals serve the Hillsborough, Flemington, Princeton areas and will gladly come to you with our mobile showroom. Call today for a free consultation!

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