Luxury Vinyl Tile in Franklin Township

Vinyl used to be known as a cheap flooring choice restricted to partially finished basements, laundry rooms, and utility closets. However, manufacturing techniques have excelled since vinyl’s early days, bringing on the advent of luxury vinyl. This material is gorgeous enough to be showcased in living rooms, kitchens, and anywhere else in the house—all at the fraction of the cost of hardwoods and stone!

The Pros

  • Versatility. Homeowners who love stone and hardwoods but don’t like the price or upkeep will love how luxury vinyl mimics these materials well. Vinyl tile can even be grouted to look more realistic.
  • Durability. Luxury vinyl’s tough wear layer can resist scratches and stains from pets, children, and everyday accidents. This means that a good quality vinyl floor can last up to 20 years!
  • Easy to clean. The smooth and sleek surface of luxury vinyl doesn’t trap dirt, dust mites, or allergens. With a light vacuum or mop, your floors will look immaculate for years to come.
  • Water-resistant. Unlike natural hardwoods, luxury vinyl is synthetic and made of materials that are moisture-resistant. This wards off mold and rot— two defects that plague organic flooring.

The Cons

  • Can’t be refinished. Luxury vinyl looks great when well maintained, but any scratched or damaged planks need to be fully replaced.
  • Can get discolored. Not all brands of luxury vinyl are created equal, and products of lower quality can become discolored when constantly exposed to the sun.
  • Isn’t biodegradable. The synthetic counterparts of luxury vinyl won’t decompose in landfills. However, some brands of vinyl flooring are recyclable.
  • Off-gassing. Synthetic materials emit volatile organic compounds, which can trigger allergies or simply give off an unpleasant odor for a few days after installation.

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